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Boredom is common predicament to most millennials in this age. Ever since the internet was made public, letting regular homes to connect and surf, different pastimes have been exposed and accessible to the mass.


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Movies are good pastimes for people who have nothing to do and need entertainment, especially when movies can be watched in just the palm of your hands. If you are having trouble deciding which genre to watch and what type of genre to watch, these definitions might help you decide on the right movie for you.


Action genres bring out the excitement hidden inside your bones. This genre is a package of love, challenge, bombs, guns, fights, and running – lots of running. Action movies are often composed of these elements, and of course the thrilling sensation they give to viewers whenever the exchange of bullets or fists are in action.


Comedy is a movie genre that focuses on causing laughter to the audience. This genre has few subgenres which are basically other genres combined with humorous acting that makes it light drama. The subgenres include; action comedy – in which it is commonly an action genre that is mixed with humorous antics to lighten up the exasperating situation they’re in. There’s also the Slapstick – wherein actors would tend to exaggerate their acting only to generate laughs due to the expressions of the artists despite making it seem absurd. Then the most popular of all is the Rom-com or the romantic-comedy genre that gives romance a hint of humor.


The adventure genre typically involves quest, fights, or journeys to different places which would then feature different iconic biomes around the globe. Oftentimes, the story would revolve around treasure hunting, architectural purpose journeys, jungle adventures, or the quest for finding the fountain of youth. These popular story centers are commonly historical legends that remain unsolved till this day, which makes adventure genres quite interesting to both adult and children.


This type of movie features powers or any supernatural forces or phenomena all throughout the story. The story would usually revolve around a world of Fantasia, wherein everything is fictional. Sometimes, fantasy genres would often involve fighting scenes which involve magic and exaggerated effects. Up to this present, fantasy genre movies are popular to children and millennial age.


Horror movies seek to heighten the person’s primal fears. It attacks the viewers’ basic fears as they aggravate them with fictional situations which are made relatable to daily activities of each person. This genre evokes the natural negative emotions we have as they create scenes that amplify these emotions, causing us to become more afraid of the normal things we do. For example, horror movies have influenced your way of thinking if you get scared from shutting your eyes while taking a shower as you might see some scary lady staring at you when you open them again.


War genres, on the other hand, depict historical documentation of past wars. Some story would revolve around a fiction but most of the time, real happenings are mixed with the storyline. Details such as; the place where the war commenced, where it ended, the strategy, or even the side who won, are included in the movie but only have a hint of a little center story line.


Western genres would often feature story about the west of America. These stories are commonly about cowboys or Texan men with its iconic western fighting or duels.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a total fiction but with science-based technicalities. These involve stories with robots, cyborgs, the trip to other planets, etc. It may become quite confusing to some because of the science foundation of the story that viewers may think of it as close to reality. Nonetheless, science fiction genres are good to watch as our imagination could affect our sense of reality.


The most popular genre for girl and romance enthusiast all over the world, this could show how each and every one of us seek for love. Romance genre by definition is a movie genre with stories that revolve around the romantic relationship of the main characters. However, sometimes, great romance tells not about romantic relationships, instead, it’s about passion, commitments, adversaries, and the love for one’s chosen loyalty.

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